Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Configured Heidi Driver Cannot be Loaded

So I started getting this error one day.

Here is how i fixed it.

  1. In Options, select the System tab.
  2. Turn off Degradation. (because you are there)
  3. Click the Manual Tune button.
  4. Un-check Enable Hardware Acceleration. (required)
  5. For fun turn off Dynamic Tessellation.


Anonymous said...

I was receiving this error if I left the Vault Job Processor running, generating visualizations for AutoCAD drawings, and locked my computer. I would unlock the computer and find that error message. I was optimistic that your solution would work for me. It did not. I even tried turning off hardware acceleration in DWG TrueView, since that's what Vault uses to generate the visualization files.

Anonymous said...

As "anonymous" says, if you lock the machine while a publish job is running, you will get this error, and the publish job will sit and wait for you to clear this dialog box.

Sean Schiebout said...

Thank you for the fix. I must note that your step by step process is missing one between steps 1 & 2:

1. In Options, select the System tab.
1A. Select Performance Settings.
2. Turn off Degradation. (because you are there)

Nabil jamal said...

thank a lot sir