Friday, November 14, 2014

Date Field that Updates

 I am working on a file, and I want a date stamp on it, not a plot stamp. Plot stamps do a great job of displaying when a drawing was last plotted. For this project I want to see the date stamp update like a normal field. On Open, Save, Plot, eTransmit, and Regen for sure.

Turns out that Date fields do not update the way all other fields do.

To side step the issue, I used a bit of Diesel code "$(editime,0,MON DD","YYYY -H:MMam/pm)"
The difference is that when I Regen, the Diesel field updates. Thanks ancient CAD technology!

Monday, November 03, 2014

The Hamburger

There is a tool you might be used to because you have an Android phone that shows in AutoCAD 2015, and I love it.

It's what I over heard Lynn Allen refer to as "the hamburger". It lives in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and controls all kinds of screen tools. Besides the cool name, it stays open and lets you make multiple changes before closing, unlike its predecessor.

I suppose it is called the hamburger because the symbol can resemble two buns with a hamburger patty in the middle. In the end, it satisfies like famous sandwich, and I am glad to add it to my vocabulary.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Worst Blogger Ever!!

Back in April, I went to San Francisco for an Autodesk sponsored Blogger Day. I got to spend a couple of days with 

And my only friend named Vladimir.....Vladimir Michl

I never posted any pictures... until now. Here they are folks.
 Vladimir, Robin, me, and Shaan on the ferry

 Shaan at the orange door
Luciana Klein enters the porthole

 This is Lynn Allen's back, see the close up of her coffee cup below.
Lynn rhymes with Ken

AUGI Annual Salary Survey

Salary Survey

Melanie Perry is one of the nicest most genuine people you will ever meet, and she needs our help. 

Please click the Salary Survey link above so Melanie can put together the best darn dissertation on that data anyone has ever thought possible. I look forward to the results every year, but we need you to take the survey first.

So Chop, Chop people. Stop reading this and get busy.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Top 15 Cool Things about AutoCAD 2015

Here is my top 15 Cool Things about AutoCAD 2015 in no particular order....
  1. Pin drawings to the start page
  2. Block galleries
  3. + Layout tab with overflow stack
  4. Lasso Select
  5. Natural order layer sort
  6. Cap lock and shift
  7. Badges on cursors
  8. Dimensions that don't snap to dimensions
  9. Fillet plines
  10. Print map data and keep it static
  11. Point cloud cropping
  12. Where's my tool?
  13. Design feed - note to self
  14. Performance reports
  15. Command Preview
Get ready for 15 posts on where I will tell you why each of these are awesome!